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What my clients are saying about Karma Sound Bath

Thank you Louise for our first group Sound Bath therapy session.  I really enjoyed it.  As I do with all of your therapies!  

I liked the hall, it had a lovely calming feel about it.  

It was a really good experience making me feel bright and breezy afterwards.  I shall definitely come again xxx


What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

The Treatment was a great help itself but the lovely service with it just went the extra mile.  I couldn't be more grateful.


What my clients are saying about Hot Stone Massage

I visit Louise every 3-4 weeks for my 'MOT'. I have a physical job and her massages and treatments have made a lot of difference to me.  Hardly have any headaches or aches and pains now.  Missed her a lot during lockdown and realised how much difference the treatments made!  Thanks Louise


What my clients are saying about Sound Healing

Such a lovely person.  I always feel at ease with Louise.  Treatments have been very beneficial.


What my clients are saying about Distance Reiki

The distance Reiki treatments that I've had with Louise have been very beneficial. I'd never had distance Reiki before I'd tried Louise's treatment and I'm so grateful that I did. Louise's approach makes you feel so comfortable and totally confident to be in her capable hands, even if at a distance. I can't recommend these sessions enough.


What my clients are saying about Distance Healing

Louise us an excellent therapist. So caring and understanding, she listens without judging. Her treatments are second to none, having had several the results are amazing. 

She always follows up after the treatment to make sure that everything is okay. 

I cannot rate her high enough. The new distance healing is amazing. 

I had a sound therapy and oh my goodness I’m on top of the world today. It’s an amazing experience.

Julie M

What my clients are saying about Distance Reflexology

Have been seeing Louise for reflexology for a while now and always enjoy it but with lockdown I haven’t had any treatments. Louise had suggested me having distance reflexology but 

I have to say I was so very skeptical and thought really don’t think so.

With a really stressful and upsetting start to my new year I was feeling very unwell so

 I thought what have I got to lose so I booked a appointment.

I closed my bedroom curtains put my calm candle on and relaxed on the bed,

Louise called me and talked me through what would happen.

I put some relaxing music on so I really felt I was in Louise treatment room .

I really relaxed and ended up dropping off Louise’s call woke me up and felt great after 

and instead of my shoulders being up to my ears they were down .

I walked down the stairs and I just felt like all the stress had been drained off .

.like pulling a plug out whosh gone .

Brilliant she is really great and if like me you’re skeptical..just give it a try.

Carol J

What my clients are saying about Sound Healing 

I had three fantastic Sound Therapy Treatments, Louise is just amazing.  I am now booked in for Kinesiology.  

The healing journey continues on the inside.


What my clients are saying about Distance Kinesiology

During lockdown it was really difficult to see Louise for kinesiology. She offered distant treatment, which I first was skeptical about but I needed to see her. There was no harm to try it so I gave it a go. The response to the treatment was amazing, Louise told me all the problem areas that related to me and was really impressed with how I felt afterwards. I would definitely recommend distant treatment if you are not able to see Louise.


What my clients are saying about Distance Healing

So pleased I contacted you to see if you could help me during these difficult times, You suggested Distance Healing which was a first for me, the treatment was amazing and I could feel my body relaxing and my symptoms subsiding, and they have not returned.

Thanks again Louise, you are an exceptional therapist

David M

What my clients are saying about Distance Treatments

I’m looking forward to my distance treatment on Monday (and have especially over this last lockdown) when I haven’t needed to go out in the cold! 

I find the Kinesiology is so beneficial to me even across the miles! 

 The relaxation and therapy gives me a feeling of positivity and well-being. I love it!

I have also had several distant healing sessions with Karma treatments over lock down

 and found it just as rejuvenating as physically visiting Louise. 

Nadine D

What my clients are saying about Distance Healing

Louise simply explains how it works remotely and encourages you to relax whilst she gets to work. My personal experience has been very positive. Immediately feeling re-energised and re-balanced. It’s helped to balance my mental and physically well being in relation to the stress and anxiety lock down life is causing. I can’t recommend it enough. Give it a go! 

Louisa R

What my clients are saying about Distance Kinesiology

During lockdown in 2020, my daughter, Sophia, had been suffering ongoing tummy aches and headaches that doctors couldn't diagnose. It got so bad that she couldn't concentrate on school work and I was at my wits end. A friend told me about Kinesiology and I had to try it. 

After finding Louise at karma treatments and due to circumstances, she offered us a way we could stay home and still be treated. I was keen to try, and we agreed a time and date. At 10am the next day we spent an hour having relaxing quiet time while Louise carried out the treatment. It all sounds too magical I know. And doubts obviously crept in but I was open minded, whats the worst that could happen? I had nothing to lose!

So when the hour was up, Louise called to explain her findings. She said Sophia might experience a flair up later that evening and possibly a few days later, but otherwise should

 feel much better from now on.

Well, she did have a flair up that Saturday night, but afterwards she was a different child. Out of bed in the mornings like a normal child, eating normally, no headaches, no mood swings. 

It feels like a miracle to me. 

We did have a follow up in person as soon as we could just to be sure and see if anything else popped up. But my daughter has been a new girl since. 

Thank you to Louise!!!!

Sam B

What my clients are saying about Aromatherapy

Another fabulous appointment. Had a great nights sleep after too. Thank you Louise. Take care and stay well xx

Kate M

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I've really missed having my Kinesiology sessions during lockdown - I hadn't realised all the little aches and pains I had. Louise was great and work to release all the stress from my body. I always say a session gets be "back on track" I float out of the room feeling totally restored.

Sarah D

What my clients are saying about Distance Kinesiology

I've enjoyed lots of Kinesiology Treatments with Louise and during lockdown, wanted to support her by trying a Distance Kinesiology.  After a general chat by phone to see if there were any particular physical or emotional areas I wanted her to concentrate on, she asked me to lie down with some relaxing music on and try and imagine that i was lying down in her treatment room.  after a few minutes i started to zone out and relax.  She called me back after an hour or so to tell me what she had discovered, in my case a hormone imbalance and that my body wasn't reacting well to histamines in my food.  It was a relaxing experience and the following few days definitely proved that Distance Kinesiology works and is more powerful than you'd imagine possible.

Ginny M

What my clients are saying about Distance Reiki

I already knew Louise was an amazing Kinesiologist but in these trickier times where we can’t see each other in person I have today tried distance Reiki and I can now say she is equally amazing at this. I felt the treatment start and my body relax and ease throughout the treatment. Louise was super professional as always and picked up on all my problem areas without me talking them through with her. I would definitely recommend distance Reiki where you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

Jules S

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

Kinesiology was something that I had never heard of before so didn't know what to expect from the treatment.  I went to Louise because I'd been suffering from dizzy spells which were becoming more frequent.  Right from the start of the treatment, Louise made me feel comfortable and at ease, creating a calm environment.  I was completely blown away that Louise was able to pick up that my immune system was low, this was something the doctors discovered through a blood test a few days after the treatment with Louise.  I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment with Louise and since my first appointment, I have not had any dizzy spells. I highly recommend Louise and will definitely be continuing my treatments.

Michelle W

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

Just wanted to let you know that I flew to Barcelona and was so much better. Admittedly there wasn’t much turbulence so I was lucky but I felt the most relaxed on a plane in ages. So well done and thank you! (Sabrina was a nervous flyer and I did a Kinesiology treatment for phobias).

Sabrina H

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I've really missed having my Kinesiology sessions during lockdown - I hadn't realised all the little aches and pains I had.  Louise was great and worked to released all the stress from my body.  I always say a session gets me "back on track" I float out the room feeling totally restored.

Sarah D

What my clients are saying about Aromatherapy Massage

Always love my visits. Thank you for making it just as enjoyable despite the face masks and new rules! x 

Kate M

What my clients are saying about Reflexology

Louise is an expert Reflexologist & I always feel wonderfully relaxed after a treatment. Her salon is beautiful & a little haven in a stressful world. Louise is very flexible and has always managed to accommodate appointments for me around my busy work schedule. 

I never hesitate to recommend her to my family & friends : )

Jo H

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I have just found this article which mentions Charles Benham. Thought you may be interested to know that I think you are every bit as good as the man himself!!!!

Charles, a widely respected and experienced Kinesiologist, developed OHB over a period of years during the 1980s and early 90s.  OHB belongs to the field of Energetic Kinesiology. After some pre-checks have been completed to ensure testing will be reliable, one muscle is used as an indicator muscle. OHB uses muscle monitoring and sequences of special symbol cards/ icons to gather information about an issue or problem and to choose the best treatment. This method of “questioning”, where the client's body is responding to the respective symbols, bypasses any expectations or assumptions the practitioner or client may have – it is the client's body doing the “talking”! The whole process is guided by the client's body responses and experiencing this can give clients valuable insights into their problem and its cause(s). It has been likened to having a "conversation" with your body. This treatment is safe to use with the very young and the frail and 

elderly as it is very gentle and relaxing." 

Wendy C

What my clients are saying about Dermalogica Difference Facial

I was recommend to Lou through a friend and haven't looked back. She offers the most amazing treatments in a relaxing setting at a realistic price. I often have a facial and can thoroughly recommend the Dermalogica Difference Facial which calms my rosacea down dramatically. If you have problem skin....try it you won't regret it.

Fran D

What my clients are saying about my Natural Facelift

WOW! Had the MOST AMAZING Natural Facelift with Louise today. I literally can not believe the difference in my skin. Reduced lines and wrinkles, smooth and clear looking. I'm super impressed. Can't wait for another one!


Louise M

What my clients are saying about my ZoneOut Treatment

Completely blissful massage, thank you!

Kim H

What my clients are saying about my Total Harmony 

I normally struggle to relax during a massage but a combination of Louise's calm voice and healing hands did the trick thank you

Wendy F

What my clients are saying about waxing

 I have never managed to find any salon or beautician to wax my bikini line without causing pain/a rash/soreness/angry regrowth, until I discovered Louise She is careful and gentle, but most of all effective and all conducted in calm, serene surroundings I cannot recommend her highly enough X

Healther T

What my clients are saying about my Total Harmony 

Thank you Louise for my Total Harmony massage this morning. It is not just the treatment that is fabulous (it is) but also your professionalism and care. I always feel that your full attention is on my experience and your professional but warm manner is perfect. I am already looking forward to booking my next treatment! 

Thank you. Kim x

Kim H

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

Today I experienced a super new treatment with Louise - Kinesiology! I didn't have any expectations or specific ailments (apart from slight tightness in the shoulders) before I started, I was more intrigued with the idea of muscle testing as a form of re-balancing the body. The treatment was calm and relaxing with no strain or stress on the body as Louise worked her way through the muscle-testing process, acupressure pressure points and scalp massage. Louise picked up on my shoulder tightness, which was discovered through my quads being weak as she tested their movement. This also showed up my ongoing lower back weakness, not something that I had mentioned but had being feeing sore recently. Overall the treatment made me feel relaxed, at ease and pain free. I felt looser in my shoulders and a nice sense of wellbeing. I would highly recommend this Kinesiology treatment!

Lisa S

What my customers are saying about Kinesiology

My husband and I have been keen advocates of Louise's hot stone massage, reflexology, beauty and her pre-natal treatments. Louise has been wonderfully professional and a real rock in our lives through some very difficult times as a constant source of relaxation and 'me' time in the last few years. However, I can honestly say that Kinesiology, and I believe specifically Louise's Kinesiology, has actually changed my life.

Louise's understanding and willingness to listen and investigate anything I present with, along with her expertise and knowledge and compassion mean that I leave Kinesiology with Louise feeling better, 

more centered, balanced and very cared for.

Erica M

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

After a couple of years of suffering fairly severe stomach cramps during my period I decided to see if Louise could help me with Kinesiology. I wasn't sure what to expect but Louise explained things to me before and during treatment. I was actually excited to see what was going to happen and until you've tried it it's hard to explain! After my treatment I felt relaxed and happy. A day or so later when my period came I was amazed beyond words when no stomach cramps arrived!! I literally couldn't believe that I wouldn't need strong painkillers and my breathing exercises! I had a mildly dull ache which was completely bearable and enabled me to continue with my day to day tasks instead of being doubled up on my sofa with a hot water bottle in pain.

 I've since had a further two periods and still no cramps.

 I would highly recommend seeing Louise for any ailment she can help with, she likes a challenge!

 It's changed my life for the better so don't suffer in silence, make an appointment!

Helen R

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I asked Louise if she would please make me up some oil for my growing bump (I had gazed at the shelf in Boots not really knowing which was the best to buy...). Due to the yoyo weight gain, weight loss scenario I have old stretch marks at the tops of my legs and quite suspected the same would happen to my tummy being pregnant. Well, no! From my 2nd trimester on, morning and evening, I massaged my growing tummy right up until due day and as you can see not one single stretch mark!! The combination of the Rose, Lavender and Geranium oils soothed me and my skin - I would absolutely recommend it!

Jacquie B

What my clients are saying about my Luxury Facial

Louise always makes you feel special. She gives you all her attention and the calming atmosphere in her little salon is so relaxing. Her facials are wonderful and I can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you, Louise.

Jeannie C

What my clients are saying about Swedish Massage

I won a massage at Bohunt Christmas fair yesterday I enjoyed what I can only describe as a wonderful. Louise has a very good set up and gave me lots of information to help with my health. I have had many massages over my 70 years and can only put yesterday’s as one of the best. Will be seeing Louise again well done 

Dorothy S

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I’ve been feeling really under the weather with hot spells, feeling achey, and lower back ache. I’ve just had a kinesiology treatment with Louise. I now feel on top of the world and felt like I could skip all the way home. It was marvellous, so relaxing yet very powerful. Highly recommended for any ailment, give it a try , incredibley powerful therapy. Well done Lou xx

Julie M

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I had my first consultation and kinesiology treatment with Louise this week, with no expectation or real understanding of the treatment, other than the great recommendation from a friend. Louise has a presence that is warm, friendly and reassuring. The treatment was very gentle and insightful. I can wholeheartedly say that after my visit, I felt a sense of clarity, calm and lightness and definite improvement with some specific discomforting physical symptoms. Louise is just wonderful!!

Sharon O

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

After just having had my initial kinesiology treatment with Louise, I am so impressed and feel an immediate difference in my overall wellbeing. I instantly felt at ease and Louise was able to find solutions to ongoing stomach problems for some time. I can't wait to continue my treatment with Louise.

Katie W

What my clients are saying about Hot Stone Massage

One of the best hot stone massages I've had - Louise is a fabulous therapist making sure you are comfortable at all times. Thank you Louise

Sarah D

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I had my first Kinesiology appointment today and came in with a list of minor ailments as long as my arm. By gently testing my muscles, Louise was able to link many of these ailments to an imbalance in my body and treat it in various different ways. After just one session, I feel so much better already. 

Thoroughly recommended. 

Trudi B

What my clients are saying about Aromatherapy Massage

I loved the massage I had this afternoon. It was so relaxing and made me feel great. My legs felt especially supple. Louise made me very comfortable in cosy covers, and the heated treatment couch suited me perfectly. I have booked my next massage and I am looking forward to it very much.

Nadine C

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I had some Kinesiology yesterday as I have been having trouble sleeping and found I was carrying some emotional anxiety which was released and re-balanced. Last night I had the best nights sleep ever! Everyone should have this done. Thank you so much.

Kelly E

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I was so impressed with my first Kinesiology session with Louise. I knew very little about the therapy but could not believe the difference I felt whilst being treated and afterwards. It worked wonders on me! I can't wait for my next session. Louise is so gentle and caring, the whole process was fab :)

Jules S

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

Louise explained the magic of Kinesiology and went through a few problem health areas and emotional stress and traumas I'd experienced. I hadn't really got much of a clue as to what was going to happen, but I've had success with other therapists so I was optimistic. When she started testing my muscles I thought I'd miss heard the instructions. How can your arm be firm a couple of times then completely floppy the next time? Anyway, after the session I was completely shattered and slept for nearly 9 hours straight. The longest and deepest sleep I'd had in years. The following day I was full of energy which was unbelievable as i'd had a nasty virus for 10 days, and three days before the doctor had told me I needed bed rest to recover. One of my problems was an aversion to eating meat and enjoying food in general. Last night I enjoyed my first meal in ages, I cooked it and ate it and wanted seconds. This hasn't happened for years. I've had the same problem with alcohol so just being able to enjoy a beer was a great treat. Thank you Louise. Definitely try this if the doctors has dismissed your symptoms with "we'll probably never know" or "it could be anything".

Caroline M

 What my clients are saying about Hopi Ear Candles

The Kinesiology worked a treat and I've just had the Hopi Ear candles and I can hear. Wow! Louise Sansom you are magic. For years I've been to the doctors about my ears and all they suggest is a nasal spray and steam! Thank you.

Caroline M

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I decided on Kinesiology as I had been feeling generally unwell for a little while but just wasn't able to pinpoint what was going on. I felt truly amazing immediately after my first session and I am now a regular. Louise is very intuitive and welcoming and her salon is an oasis of calm. I feel more like my old self again now and really would recommend you give Kinesiology a go, you wont regret it!.

Jayne D

What my clients are saying about Kinesiology

I'm so pleased to have recently found Louise! She came highly recommended for her Kinesiology; I'd felt that my body was out of balance, experiencing severe restless leg syndrome and an iron deficiency that wasn't improving even with supplements and a good diet. Louise puts her clients at ease instantly with her warmth and interest and I found the whole session deeply relaxing. The tests showed that part of my digestive system is out of balance and that I'm not absorbing minerals etc properly. Louise released an emotional block that I'd identified, which in turn closed a valve in the body which had been wide open and not retaining what my body needed. I've always been interested in the connection between emotional and physical health as it makes complete sense to me. I came away with a Bach flower remedy that Louise made me, as well as several crystals and felt so exhausted that night after the session! A sure sign of the deep level at which Kinesiology works. I'm more aware of the importance of keeping my body in balance and will be back for more Kinesiology. I also love the sound of the natural facelift!!!

Ginny M