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 Sound Healing  is the application of sound frequencies to a person, animal or being in the greater sense. 

 Sound Frequencies can be experienced though the voice, either by using your own voice either alone or with others, listening to another’s voice or listening to 

music and using your own voice. It can also apply to listening to musical instruments, both through a speaker or in a live setting. The frequencies that sound 

creates can strongly influence the state of our mind and body, with positive intention sound can bring the body into balance and harmony. 

Sound frequencies work so well on the body because every cell in our body absorbs sound and responds to it by changing our cell vibration.

I offer two different experiences. 


 The Sound Healing Journey,  a one to one treatment that focuses purely on your needs. 

 I use sound and healing to create a personalised treatment to help balance your mind, body and soul. Treating any aliment 

from physical to emotional.  Each treatment is different and every experience is unique. 


Karma Sound Bath, is a healing group experience which includes a blend of meditation and sound.  

This is also a very powerful treatment in itself, but enhanced by the energy of the group.


Allow yourself  to be immersed in the depths of sound.  

Touching all of your senses, stimulating all of your cells, relaxing your mind & body.

This treatment takes healing to another level and can improve

 your health and well being in such gentle subtle ways it is truly amazing.

Treatments can be enjoyed as a one off  however 

if you are wanting to benefit from the complete experience 

a course of three treatments is recommended.

60 min   £64

Course of 3  £173

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Using the unique combination of Sound and Meditation I have created Karma Sound Bath.

Using my Vocal Sounds and various instruments I have combined Sound with Guided Meditation.

I have created and written the whole experience through guidance.

These experiences have been described as 'magical'.

My aim is for you to unwind, re-charge and re-balance and enjoy the energy of the group experience.

All gatherings are held on a Wednesday evening at St James Church, Finchampstead RG40 4LU.

Please see my Blogg for upcoming dates or follow the diary link below.

45 min   £15

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