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Have you heard about Distance Treatments? If you have but you haven’t tried it, its probably because you’ve thought how on earth is that suppose to work? You may even have thought it’s a rip off or a load of hocus pocus! I know, I questioned how it would work too and I work in this industry!

Until last year, when the situation forced me to reevaluate how I could work. Up until then I had never considered offering Distance Treatments. But times change, obviously for most of last year I was not permitted to come into physical contact with anyone so I had to look outside the box.

I began to investigate Distance Treatments and how they actually work. This blew my mind. I felt totally ignorant when I discovered what I’d been missing. I am a Reiki Healer and use Healing in my treatments as many of you know, and I do frequently send Healing to others but actually performing a Distance Reiki was something I’d not ever done before, basically because I’d never needed to. I found reading about the theory fascinating and it made perfect sense to me. There is even an official term given to it, its called “quantum entanglement”, it’s Einstein’s theory if you fancy a read, but basically it’s an invisible attachment made from one person to another, and using intention changes can be made via the attachment. So if you imagine an invisible thread from you to me, and I twang the thread you will feel the vibration in some way and your body will respond to it, just as I were giving you a physical treatment. This thread can be used to connect you to receive Reflexology, Kinesiology, Sound Therapy and Reiki Healing.

I believe during these times this is the way forward, those of us that enjoy having treatments to help ourselves feel better need them now more than ever. So don’t feel you can’t have a treatment, you can, it will just be a different experience but one that will benefit you greatly.


If you have never had Kinesiology with me then you will need an extended appointment.  This appointment takes up to 120mins for an adult and approximately 60mins for a child, both include a full consultation and written report.

If you are booking Kinesiology as a continued Treatment, then there is no need for a extended appointment.

These Treatments include all the elements of a face to face Treatment.

For full information on what Kinesiology Treatment can do and how it works please go to my Kinesiology Treatment Page.

Extended Appointments 

Child 60 min £55

Adult 120 min £85

Future Appointments

Child 60 min £55

Adult 75 min £65

Adult 90 min £85


This Treatment includes all the elements of a face to face Treatment and will having you feel relaxed and re-balanced, just as though you were with me. 

There is an option of two Treatments, 45min which includes just Reflexology or 60min which includes Reflexology blended with Healing.



45 min £48


Using Reiki and Sound this is an amazing combination that will leave you completely at one with the world.  The combination gently realigns the Chakras allowing energy to follow as intended around the body.  A must if you feeling overwhelmed and anxious however the Treatment can also address any ailments and imbalances.

 Both Adults and Children and enjoy this Treatment.

45 min £47