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Kinesiology is pronounced kin-easy-ology and it is a treatment that can evaluate our structural, chemical and mental balance.  It is detected though muscle testing whereby each muscle indicates if it is balanced or imbalanced.  

If a muscle is imbalanced Kinesiology can combine the techniques and skills from chiropractic, naturalpath, 

osteopath and acupressure backgrounds  to bring about balance and well being within the body.  

This treatment is ideal if you have a specific ailment or you just need an MOT.

The treatment itself involves no pain or discomfort.  I simply ask you to move or hold a muscle in a certain position 

for a couple of seconds.  During the treatment you will feel the difference when a muscle is out of 

balance and when it has been corrected.

The treatment can treat ANY ailment, physical, mental or emotional.  I can test and treat allergies.  

I can also test for Viruses, Bacteria's, Fungi's, which can help strengthen the immune system and I can test for Hormone imbalances.  This treatment works very much on energy so if you have experienced an upset or trauma, 

this can also be released from the body even without you going into detail if you do not wish to. 

 What I find so interesting about the testing is the imbalances can present symptoms in the body that sometimes we are aware of, but more often than not go unnoticed, which is why balancing is such a huge benefit.

I cannot recommend this treatment enough.  I have been practicing 

Kinesiology since 2016 and I still describe the treatment results as incredible.  

Some examples of conditions I have helped include headaches, migraines, stress, PMT, shoulder impingement, stiff neck, pins and needles in hands, knee injury, sleep problems, re-flux, lower back pain, pains in general, eye problems, incontinence, shingles, IBS, stomach and digestive problems, restless legs, fears, emotional shocks and traumas, depression, anxiety, food sensitivity, allergies, hayfever, muscle weakness,  eczema, skin complaints, 

arthritis and acne to name a few.

People often ask how many treatments will I require, I usually recommend booking in three initially, spaced between four and six weeks apart.  In some cases this is all that's needed, but obviously 

we are all individuals, and respond and heal at different rates.  

I do recommend everyone has an MOT at least three times a year, 

just to give the immune system a boost and check everything is in balance.

I can treat any age including babies and fur babies.

Now due to the current climate can treat at a distance.  Distance Kinesiology has proved to be very successful 

so if you are unable to venture to me please talk to me about booking a Distance Treatment.


This appointment takes up to 120mins for an adult and includes a full consult ation and written report.

First appointments with children I try to keep to a maximum of 60mins,

 I will usually contact you to discuss the reason for the treatment and 

to take any medical history details,

 so to minimise discussion in front of the child.  A written report

 is also included.

Child 60 min £50

Adult 90 min £85


These can normally be booked on recommendation after the First Treatment.  

As a rule if only one ailment needs addressing then I recommend a 60min treatment. 

 If we are still working through both emotional and or more than 

one physical ailment then 

I recommend 90mins.  

I also recommend 90mins for clients who require Allergy testing and or would like Nutritional Advice.

Please note if you would like a written report after each treatment there will be an additional £5 charge.

75 min  £60

90 min   £75


These appointments I try to keep to a maximum of 60mins as I am  fully aware how long children 

can stay still for.  

Please note if you would like a written report after each treatment there will be an additional £5 charge.

60 min £50