Karma Treatments

 Therapies for Health 

What Karma Treatments are about.....

Karma Treatments practice natural effective therapies to create harmony, balance and good health.

The word Karma simply means “action” and our action is controlled by the energy and physical consequences of choices we make. So, to make a positive choice about oneself today, you can change your future tomorrow. As a Buddha once said,

"what you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now"

The Aim Of Your Experience....

Karma Treatments aims to transport you to a place where tension, exhaustion and stress melts away. This first class experience touches all the senses. If your not sure which treatment is best suited to you please take advantage of booking a complimentary Consultation.

Karma Treatments are not just Treatments they are an experience and

one that you are sure to want to try over and over again.......

How can I pay for my Treatments......

I accept all methods of payment including cash, credit or debit cards (except American express). I can even send you an invoice, prior to your appointment, if you would like a partner or friend to pay for your treatment.

Arrange pre-payment

The Perfect Gift.......

Gift Vouchers available for specific treatments or for an amount. Simply contact me to arrange the Gift Voucher for you, payment can be made via a link and the Voucher can be sent first class to you or straight to your special someone. Vouchers are valid for one year.

Arrange a Gift Voucher

Personalised Treatment Plans....

Treatment Plans can fit any budget and time scale and can help you greatly on a wellness journey, weather it be to enjoy more relaxation time or to help with a specific condition. They are totally personalised to your specifications and needs and they allow you to experience a range of treatments without worrying about the bank balance.

Plans run for either three months (min 3 Treatments), six months (min 6 Treatments) or twelve months (min 12 Treatments). The Treatments that you include are up to you and there is no upper limit. Payments are made monthly by Direct Debit.  

Contact me today to help organise a Personalised Treatment Plan to change your tomorrow!

Organise a Personalised Treatment Plan

What if I need to Cancel....

That's absolutely fine, I completely understand that plans change and sometimes we cannot fit everything in. Please note I do however charge for late cancellations. 

Less than 6hours notice 50% of your Treatment cost.

Less than 3hours notice 100% of your Treatment cost.

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